Here, in Tuscany in my places, in the lives and homesof the people I’ve been missing for so long. Bike rides around Forte de Marmi and small talk on the beach with my oldest of friends. Old stories bringing out new laughs.Aperitivi, and dinners in the garden while watching our children play and get to know each other.

Come to Tuscany for the food tour of a lifetime
Aperitivo with friends on my Tuscan food tour

Drives through the country side of Arezzo to reach my primary school friend Bianca’s family country home,

Visit my friends family country home in Arezzo, Italy

the place we’ve shared dolls and toys in, had drunken new years eve parties in and now watch our own children play in. We cook on the same fireplace and in the same space we have known and grown in for the past 30 years, and we cheer to us,to now, to this…

cook on a fireplace in a traditional Italian country home
Visit Bolgheri in Maremma in Tuscany on my Italian food tour

After a week we move to Bolgheri in Maremma. To some this is the wine mecca of Tuscany, home of Sassicaia, to me it’s seaside moments with friends their new baby’s and dinnerswith starters of fresh figs, wild boar salame and Bolgheri wine in my friend Chiara’s garden.

Buy prosciutto at local markets on my Tuscan food tour
Gather fresh figs on my food tour
Tuscan villas and country homes