The Pea Food Meditiation

I have been visited by anxiety, my mind seems to find it impossible to pick a topic, follow through, finish a thought or a task. My mood is frivolous and flirts with my calm making me think I can handle anything and then it abruptly turns back to agitation, shrinking my breath and turning my body into a desert.

I shell peas. I pull the filament from top to bottom, my thumb pushing each pea out of its pod and into a bowl. How long is this going to take?So many pods so few peas…I should have bought frozen ones! Why did I get these? I need to clean the fridge! I need to find my bathing suite! the laundry, the kids, my plans…

Then pull, slide, drop, breathe and again pull, slide, drop, breathe… my fingers move fast and well, the peas drop constant, my breath turns deep. I can hear the cicadas. I can sense the light breeze as it brushes my hot neck and pull, slide, drop, breathe, pull, slide, drop, breathe, I feel my body, my mind is on peas, the bowl fills with me.

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