Fun Places to Eat Spontaneously

I try and model what I think is right for our children and family. I make sure we all sit and share meals at our dinner table as often as possible, I stop myself swigging sips of water straight out of the bottle from the fridge and avoid eating standing up in a rush and using my fingers to finish my salad at the end of a long day. But some times etiquette and politeness need to move on over for spontaneity so we can enjoy eating a plate of pasta lying in our bed

enjoying eating a plate of pasta lying in bed

or find new places to have afternoon tea.

Kids cooking afternoon tea

On Saturday I went to a friend of my daughter’s birthday, she had a Barbie cake.

My daughter's Barbie cake

At the end of the party, after everyone  had a slice of her skirt,  the doll  was left looking like this

Barbie cake after the party

As the little girl’s grandma stood beside me wondering why I was taking a picture of the doll I blurted out “ that Barbie is going to wake up naked in chocolate! She has been to the best party ever! “ the grandmother then added “ I will have whatever she was having!”   …Spontaneity rewards…