Now...the taste of life

Italian food, kids, lifestyle

The sound of my kids snorting, laughing to their dad’s tickle.

My friend’s footsteps on the pathway, the door handle descending and their bodies about to fill our home with fun.

The first sip of a glass of prosecco making its way in to my blood stream.

Feeling hungry as the scent of roast fennel seduces me to the table where a roast diner awaits and I know the first bite of a crunchy potato is only moments away…

the joy of cooking Italian food

My body submerging, bit by bit, into a warm bath, water holding me, warming me, calming me.

Lying in bed and feeling my body is about to let go of today satisfied and sleep its way in to tomorrow happy. Wanting nothing more then right now… senza prezzo (priceless).