Soup, Soul & Teeth

It has been a challenging week for all of us. Coming back from Italy after two months spent with my family, in my Firenze, the city I am forever in love with and the friends who have known me the longest is never easy. We all had jet-leg, my spirit was low and Coco with her first loose tooth was experiencing both the delights ( a total sense of pride and coming of age) and the downfalls (the inability to chew without pain) of her predicament.

Sweet potato and Roasted pumpkin soup

So Sweet potato and Roasted pumpkin soup resolved (even if for just a little while) broken spirit and wobbly teeth.Soup may seem to some as a winter dish but even with the Sydney heat enveloping me , I find consuming a small bowl of this soup at room temperature, outside with a dash of lemon to be bliss.

My RICETTA recipe

So if in need of something certain, here is the recipe… Buona Giornata!



Half a brown onion

A spoon or 2 of olive oil

One small potato

One small sweet potato

A quarter of a bigjap pumpkin or whichever variety you like

(as long as you fill a full baking tray of pieces)

half or a little bit moreof a can of lentils or about 300g. of fresh lentils of your choice (pre-cooked)

a bit of oregano

parsley to serve

Pre-heat the oven to 190.

Use a potato peeler or a knife to dee-skin the pumpkin.

Then cut the pumpkin in big slices about half centimeter thick

sprinkle with oregano ,coat in olive oil and put in the oven for about 35 minutes or until the edges start to darken.

Then chop the onion and put in a pot with a bit of olive oil to brown.

In the mean time chop up the potato and the sweet potato into little cubes, once the onion has become translucent add the potatoes and coat in the olive oil, stir and allow the onion to brown around the vegetables.

Add about 350 ml of water, salt to taste, and let boil. Once the potato is soft add in the roasted pumpkin and the lentils add as much water as needed to cover all the vegetables, let it all simmer for 5 minutes and then blend.

To serve you can add a bit of parsley a dash of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon or some parmigiano if not you can enjoy as is!