6 am: Coco's Porridge

Morning. Light wind, birds, husband gone for a run and two children still in bed.

I may have five or twenty five minutes to my self, lying, pillow propped, still.

Day ahead fresh: a story yet to come, with lessons waiting to be learnt, new ways and old ways to go, people to run into, situations to live through and decisions to make.

Today, a gift wrapped up for me that will soon reveal its shape. Will I open it slowly and take in the sounds of crackling paper?  Or shall I tear it apart fast? Will I know how to enjoy it? What to do with it?

Any minute now sleepy cuddles and kisses, little loud voices will find their way in to our bed and from there we go…

Nonna Romelia used to say “ la cosa piu’ bella del Natale e’ l’attesa” (The best thing about Christmas is waiting for it to come…) and so I wait here with words from my past for my day to unfold.

Nonna Romelia and I

Nonna Romelia and I



Coco’s ‘Every Morning Porridge’

Rolled oats

A drizzle of honey

A sprinkle of cinnamon

A splash of milk

AFerrari Kitchen Porridge recipe