A Bite of Sicilia: pasta alle sarde, touring italy

Windy, narrow roads.  Small, coloured cars with loud horns. Traffic.

The smell of fish and life. The sea licking the sides of the cliffs.

Me, sitting in the car exited, agitated and with every turn:

sweating, swearing, grasping and bracing myself, hoping the adrenalin

in my body is not affecting your development.

Then we walk surrounded by an eden of eggplant, lemons and tomato,

markets bursting around us like wild flowers, but the metallic taste

of pregnancy holds me from savouring anything accept for the thought

of you.

Today you sit beside me, perfectly formed Coco. On this hot night  we

eat pasta  alle sarde (sardines)as i  dream of going back to those

Sicilian markets holding your hand and tasting Sicilia together.

A Bite of Sicilia - pasta alle sarde, touring italy

Near Acireale, Sicilia,  July 2007

A taste of Sicilia: pasta alle sarde