Easy Pata al Pesto: for the difficult days!

This is one of those weeks where I was going to get stuff done.I was going to figure it all out but life got in the way of life and my to do list, my plans, turned in to coloured cards and paper planes.

Ear infections, sleepless nights and colds have come to ravish my children leaving them in pain, in need of endless cuddles, ‘big bed’ time and extra ice cream. Today they’re running around high on medication as I sit back drained and strained of all energy.

It’s Friday, the evening sun is out and my glass of wine is poured. If I had a good take-away place close by, this would be my night! But around here it’s a no go. So wine in hand I take myself to the kitchen as my husband gets a big bunch of basil from the garden. I put parmigiano, garlic, the left over pine nuts and olive oil into the blender. I find some salted ricotta and through that in too, why not! I mix them all up with the leaves, add a splash of lemon and make a pesto. Then I boil water, wine still close like a life line. I pour pasta in to the bubbling water, sip, stir, sip… then strain the pasta, cover it in the green creamy mixture, put chopped tomatoes over it and carry it out to the garden. We eat all together. The kids get up and run around. Mike and I sip/gulp the rest of the wine happy they’re better…small moments, bring big things.

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