The power of mom: time for Nutella!

I have blog block, I was  jammed constipated with ideas but unable to release…

Mom was visiting

Easy Nutella Puff Pockets Recipe

and when she is here emotions run wild, her visits are short so we live at double the speed to fit as much of each other into our lives as possible and then before I get used to her being here she is gone again. 

I have been trying to capture our relationship, the way it was, the way it has grown, its intensity, insanity, its necessity…but

block block block!

So for now I need my support group to get some space from the sadness of mom’s departure and since my husband is at work and the kids are asleep 

I call 

my Italian girls. I make nutella puff pockets and we watch Il Ciclone (an old Tuscan Movie) . 

For a couple of hours I sit with the sweetness of chocolate and friendships letting myself be comfortably confused by the emotions of departures and finally…relief, release, relax.


Easy Nutella Puff Pockets:

Frozen puff pastry


Cut the puff pastry into small squares, use a fork to make wholes through the dough. Dollop a spoon of Nutlela in each square, fold over, press down with fingers seal and put in the oven at 180 or for 15 minutes or until golden  brown.  Don't think calories, think friends, life, lough and enjoy!

Ready to eat! Easy Nutella Puff Pockets Recipe