My Birthday

It’s my birthday today. Thirty five years ago thanks to my mother I was born on my fathers birthday, something I am always so proud of. I’m excited and curious, about the possibilities, opportunities and challenges that I will face in the year to come. I’m looking forward to growing with my family,  my friends, in the kitchen, my work and as a woman. Today the world feels open to me and I am here with purpose.

Thank you to all of you who help me love me for the recipe I am, may you always be ingredients in my life and help me better myself with time. Baci a tutti Annalisa


Birthday Dinner with friends Menu:

5 h. Pulled shoulder of pork

Apple and radish coleslaw

Mixed salad

Cuscus & grilled vegetable salad

Baby whole roast potatoes with rosemary&garlic

Halepeno& Cheddar corn bread

Birthday cake!


There is an Italian kitchen blog I really love reading

I wrote to Giulia a little while ago and chose to introduce myself to her as a recipe, I did this in Italian and really enjoyed doing it so I have posted it here and attempted an English translation of it….

Se Annalisa fosse una ricetta:


Acqua, farina, lievito, zucchero, sale & olio di oliva

Io sono la farina, un porto su cui  approdare,  partire o  ricominciare. Sono  L’acqua e l’olio due agenti opposti che soli non sanno legare ma insieme fanno sognore. Anche se divento collosa, confusa, impasticciata , talvolta persa ,piano piano mi raffermo, mi rassereno, mi amalgamo e cambio forma. Ad aiutare non puo’ mancare il lievito, il mio lato magico, vivo, frizzante e sempre cambiante. Un agente che non smette mai di lavorare, sorprendere, crescere e migliorare . Ho un lato dolce un pizzico di zucchero che si scoglie tra le altre parti per farle innamorare e un lato leggermente salato per bilanciare. Ho bisogno di un po’ di tempo sola per capire, pensare ma con qualche ora mi carico e poi mi distendo e con l’aiuto del calore umano, di chi mi ama da vicino e da lontano a piu’ o meno 200 gradi, divento il sapore di un forno toscano, divento un momento di casa, di serenita’, viva, saporita, semplice e insostituibile SCHIACCIATA  ALL’OLIO APPENA SFORNATA.

English translation



Water, Flour, yeast, sugar, salt, & olive oil

 I am flour a secure port to approach, from which to leave or start over from. I am water and olive oil, two opposites who alone are unable to blend but  used together can work a dream. Even if I become gluey, confused, messy and lost, with time I solidify, change shape and come together. To help the process, yeast is key, my magical agent, alive, fizzy and always changing. The part of me that never stops working, surprising, growing and improving. I am a dash of sugar that melts amongst all the parts of me helping them fall in love with one and other. I also have a salty side to balance all the others. I need time alone to understand, think and collect myself, but within a few hours I am charged,  I rise, and with the help of human heat from those who love me close and far I can relax, expand and at about 200 degrees c I become the taste of a Tuscan bakery, a moment of home, simplicity, serenity: a SCHIACCIATA with olive oil just come out of the oven.

A.Ferrari Kitchen Italian food tours and Italian cooking classes

A.Ferrari Kitchen Italian food tours and Italian cooking classes