Memory Feast (Italian roast beef)

My family in Florence Italy

Yesterday was Babbone’s (my father’s) ‘deathaversary’. This is the 12th anniversary of his death. It may seem sad and it is, always, but at the same time it’s a sadness that is enveloped in great joy, the joy of knowing I could have never had a better father or a better friend. As I let myself think of him, his hand on my face, his large smile and comforting laugh, as I let myself be with him, the memory of him, our family, my throat closes and swells  but only because of the beauty, love and affection those memories hold for me. So today, as I have been for 11 years, I celebrate you Luciano Ferrari, my Babbo, by surrounding myself with love, missing my mother and brother and feasting in your honour.

Salute  Babbone! may you always bring tears to my eyes and may the memory of your loveliness always push me to live and be what I love.

La tua Annalisa

My 2014 Babbo feast:

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Learn to cook Roast beef all’italiana

Roast beef all’italiana

Roast potatoes,


& Vino vino vino!!!

Ricetta for Roast beef all’italiana:

The way they do this in Italy is they cook the meat and slice it very thinly with a meat electric slicer so it’s as thin as carpaccio.

Ricetta for Roast beef all’italiana

1kg or more of rib eye without bone

1tblsp olive oil

a little bit of butter




2-3 tblsp of red wine.

Now there are so many ways to make this and if you ask me again next week I may have changed my mind.

But today this is how it is.

Heat the oil and butter in a  cast iron pot. Put the meat (tied up preferably & yes get the butcher to do it!) in the pot once its sizzling away. Seal each side for 3-4 minutes. As you turn the meat salt the cooked sides (use wooden spoons or tongs so you don’t puncture the meat that would be sacrilege!) Once it’s all sealed add the sage rosemary and a bit of red wine, let it bubble away and cook each side another 2 minutes if the meat is close to a kilo and 3-4 if its closer to 2.

Take it off the stove, let it  rest, then slice it on the electric slicer or thinly with a sharp knife.

Take the pan juices (if they look a bit blackend, strain them in to a new pan) then  poor onto the carved meat and serve. The meat should be rare.

Enjoy and make sure to have good bread on hand to dip into the oils it Italy we say SCARETTA …may I say it?! Heaven!

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