Malibu and hot fudge for ice cream

I’m making hot fudge. I break the dark chocolate up and drop it into cream, as they become one I poor a cap of Malibu rum into the pan and the cent of coconut propels me… to England.

Boarding school 1997, it’s a long weekend & everyone’s gone home or somewhere. But Shaby and I have decided to stay. I cant remember why or what we did that day, a walk around town in the afternoon? A pasta al pomodoro shared at the house kitchen table? study?

At some point Miss D. or Miss T. must of come round to lock us in for the night. “Good night!”. Shabby and I would’ve then slipped straight back out of our beds and into  “The Courtyard”, a small outdoor room where girls go to find each other and parts of themselves. She sits next to me on the concrete, backs to the wall and pulls out a white bottle with a palm tree on it. We share sips of sweet rum as rain begins to fall, her laugh is full, round and warm, I can feel my smile and her arm beside me as we share right now.


Courtyard Girl Ice cream:

Vanilla and Malibu ice cream recipe

Vanilla ice cream

50g of 72% chocolate

1 Tbsp. of cream

1 cap of Malibu rum

The best Vanilla and Malibu ice cream recipe