Fiori & Fragole

We were supposed to go camping yesterday afternoon but it got rained out. I’m supposed to be patient but I’m not. I’m supposed to do laundry but I’m not, supposed to…. 

Perhaps really all I need to do is forget about SUPPOSED TO and just feel happy I’m not stuck in a soaking wet tent with two kids, choose to see my impatience as a sign of wanting good things to come and look at the pile of laundry as something to jump on,  Felix does and so can I!

After all this rain Coco is harvesting her first strawberry of the year. There is an Italian nursery rhyme called:

“Ci vuole un fiore…per fare tutto ci vuole un fiore…” 

“ You need a flower… to make everything you need a flower…”.

Camping can wait, the laundry can sit and we can watch the flowers turn into strawberries.

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