Kit Kat: how great friendships can come out of chocolate

Sacro Cuore school, Viale Michelangelo Firenze. Dark rooms, hundreds of children and nuns running around with somber faces and long black gowns. Jesus is dying on the cross in every room and I am wondering who is going to be my friend. The bell rings and we are guided to the garden for merenda (morning break). There’s a small tree in the yard and on a low branch a girl is sitting and having a Kit-Kat. I sit beside her, I have no snack, we watch the others run around. Then she takes a piece of her chocolate and hands it to me. With this one gesture she starts ‘us’ Bianca & Annalisa.

The years, the sharing and stories grew, grow and this weekend they have multiplied, as Bianca welcomed her first born son into the world. So today I celebrate my friend, her new family and I am most grateful for a chocolate as mundane and widely spread as kit kat, to have brought me the rare rich and unique friend which is Bianca. Happy motherhood, ti voglio bene bella, next kit kat’s on me!

early friendships and Italian food!