Tick Tock: ice cream recipe in an attempt to freeze time

At the moment life is galloping away, with me in it holding on to a horse with no saddle. It’s not a bad or good thing just a very fast, full impact sort of thing.

Coco had her uniform fitting for school (they all wear uniforms in Australia…), school five days Monday to Friday school! How is this possible? Little black & white checkered dress.

 ice cream recipe - cooking with my daughter

She is smiling at me as I zip her up at the back and suddenly in my head I’m Meryl Streep helping my daughter get ready for her wedding in Mamma Mia. The room goes still and I’m waiting for a song to start so I can break into the “You are growing up too fast“ song, but a big thump (Felix rolling and smashing a rack of clothes into a wall) stops me from becoming the crazy lady singing and crying at school today.

The uniform fitting ends quickly as they soon realize Felix is on a mission to destroy the place and so off we go to the beach.

Coco skips ahead of us and I watch, one foot then the other. One foot then the other. Her hair floats to the left, swings back to the right, her little face turns to Felix and I and then back around to move forward and on and on she goes…

We get home and at lunch our high chair becomes vacant as Felix has moved himself permanently to the table and chair…

Cooking with my son

need to make and eat ice cream now! here is a fast easy recipe from Martha Stuart which is great if you don't have an ice cream maker: http://www.marthastewart.com/355960/no-churn-vanilla-ice-cream


 Martha Stewart's ice cream recipe