Cooking Il Baccello

Today I’m feeling tentative, uneven. I’m herding the kids toward the car to go do the shopping  and although I want to feel strong and determined.. I don’t. I finally accept my wobbly self and head into the market. Just as i decide to let myself be, my eye catches a huge pile of broad beans

Cooking Il Baccello

and my mind takes me right were I need to be.

Me and my father in Italy

I’m a five year old sitting on my Babbo’s (my father’s) lap, breaking the furry skin off a baccello (broad bean).  He pulls the outer jacket of the pod off to find a deep green been inside.  I do the same and then we pop it into our mouths followed by a hunk of pecorino. His arms are warm around me and just like the broad been has its protective jacket, I have mine.

Needless to say I came home with a big bag of baccelli. Then sat outside with Coco unwrapping beans and watching my past find a bridge into my present.

Learning to Cook Il Baccello

As Coco says “vegetables make you strong mamma!”

Cooking with my daughter


A Few  Baccelli


And a splash of Memory