Italia Arrivoooo!

Waiting for 26 months, counting down never ending days made of led… dreaming, thinking about the day I get to return home, my first home, the place my heart, my soul and my body were born, the place I started to exist in. And then out of no wear the day we leave arrives, its happening now. So far yet so close to the place were the smell of coffe and cigarettes hits you not long after you get off the plain, were the august air grips you the moment the sliding doors open onto the streets of the airport . Home.

I run around Sydney keeping busy as my emotions sit poised within me like a sprinter on her blocks getting ready to leap out of me and become embraces with my brother, cheek to cheek moments with my friends, laughter with family. Not long now and these feelings will mutate into tangible moments of skin, of kin. Not long now and the rush of red wine made on the same hills I stand on will colour my vains . Not long now and the summer night will fill with the fire cooking our bistecca alla fiorentina. Not long now and we will be one Italia mia…

Cooking our bistecca alla fiorentina on my Italian food tour and cooking classes