Friends and Boars in Tuscany

We visited my old friend Novella and her husband, wine maker Paolo in their home just outside of Florence in Vigliano.

wine maker Paolo in their home just outside of Florence in Vigliano.

Novi and I went to primary school together and spent most afternoon’sclimbing chestnut trees in each others gardens and sharing merenda (afternoon tea) of Tuscan bread drizzledin red wine and dotted with granules of sugar.

We’re now both parents of children the same ages and enjoy watching them play and become friends in their own right.

Visit farm in Vigliano outside of Florence on our Italian food and wine tour

On this particular visit Novi told me a cinghiale (wild boar) had been digging up their garden…but more seriously eating and enjoying Paolo’s livelihood - their grapes. They sought council permission to hunt the cinghiale and that night we watched the hunters gather and begin their search through the vines and olive grove.

At 10pm a shot was herd.

The next morning Novi called the hunters who proudly announced they’d shot the boar and by 10 am Paolo and Novella’s part of the ‘prize’ was delivered to their house, the leg of the cinghiale 

wild boar
wild boar's foot

Italy may be painstakingly slow, vaguely organized for most matters but when food and wine are at stake things seem to take a shade of swiss .

Stay posted for some wild boar delights…

wild boars foot on my Italian food tour