First School Lunch

Uniform, enormous back pack and just as big a smile. A fragile mum with her sunglasses, a screaming toddler and a dad with a camera.

8.45am we’re all walking together. I want to hold her hand but she wants to run ahead, she wants to cross the line on her own.

Tears of pride begin to crowd my eyes and crawl down my face. I know, I’m a mush but I cant help it.

Through the gate she goes with her fans close behind her, cameras snapping all the way as this moment I’ve been imagining since her birth takes shape and becomes ours/hers. By 9am she is sitting in her class, has met her teacher Mrs. B.G., hung her bag on the Coco peg and met two little girls. She is in! One day down, 12 years to go… I’m exhausted.

It’s the afternoon & we’re home building an airplane for cat Suzy and cheetah Ambelina. Coco looks at me and hands me her lesson of the day “You know mum if you don’t have love you don’t get a friend, you don’t get anything. You need love, love is everything!”

First School Lunch - all you need is love!