Camping Catering

I’d not been camping since my daughter was born, but last weekend we took the plunge and went to Glenworth Valley for a two day stint with friends and their children. We had to borrow gear, pack food, toys, blankets, water, wine, first aid kit, a stove and three changes of clothes and shoes for everyone…enough work to send you to a spa rather than the wild!

When we got there Coco had to negotiate the feeling of long grass covered in dew and mud touching her bare legs,a mission almost impossible had it not been for her little friend and experienced camper Pippa showing her the ways of the land .. .

Camping cuisine by A Ferrari Kitchen

I don’t have a picture of the cast iron roast lamb my friend pulled offon the fire, but I can still taste the tender smoke infused meat when I think of it.Thesatisfaction of eating on a blanket, friends all round, crackling wood and flames before me, sleeping kids in a tent beside me and sips of red wine warming me.

As my friend and seasoned camper Claire puts it: “Even boiled water taste better on an open fire.” 

Cooking roast lamb whilst camping