Green Day

Some days just spring into action with two happy kids willing to do anything. The day slides from morning to night like butter over a hot pan or as Coco would say “It’s easy peasy lemon squeezy!”

growing vegetables in your garden for cooking 

Yesterday was a butter kind of day, Coco sited our neighbour in her garden while we were playing desert adventurers in our parked car. We all ran over for a chat and she took us to her veggie patch. She let Coco and Felix collect snow peas, broccolini and spinach. 

Excited with this “shopping from the ground” as Coco calls it, we went back home to create some green lunch.

Italian Green salad

We cooked:

Snow peas straight up as a starter;

Pasta with broccolini, parmigiano and cream;

& spinach sauteed with lemon.

Pasta with broccolini, parmigiano and cream

Within thirty minutes of our ‘ground shopping’ we ate outside drenched in goodness.

Pasta with broccolini, parmigiano and cream - too easy!

Not much else happened but sometimes all we need is some good neighbours and some greens to be perfectly entertained.