Holiday Rain

So here we are in Forster, Mike’s childhood summer holiday town three hours north of Sydney. It’s all about stunning beaches with dunes to climb and roll down, clear pristine water to bathe and surf in and scenic bbq areas, but it’s been drizzling  since we got here.

We decide to have a drink at the local rsl and… we find the over 70’s of the Australian population have congregated here to play bingo in silence and gamble their life savings away at the ‘pokies’. They travel in scooters over orange and brown carpet from gambling to dining room. Here florescent lights clearly show the cask wine on offer at the bar and the dry breasts of chicken covered in shiny mayonnaise and mushy french fries.

As we aimlessly drive around the three streets of this town in the afternoon we pass the oyster farm

family holiday in Forster

and spot men with knifes carving away the oysters from their perch. We stop and I trot into the working shed and ask if I can take pictures.

Oyster shucking 

They all keep hammering away wondering why the sun’s not out so this annoying woman can be kept on the beach were she belongs! But then overtaken by my psychotic attack of enthusiasm this man

oyster shucker
beautiful fresh oysters - inspiring me for my Italian food tour

brings me to the kitchen where they’re shucking the oysters. One of the shuckers cuts open a shell and kindly hands it to me,

 his eyes meet mine and he knows he has given meaning to my day.

AFerrari Kitchen eating oysters

I return to the car, my bad mood washed away, my children and husband waiting for me  to go to the beach in the rain.

getting ready for Baby Prawns and Avocado Salad
Starting to get hungry .. time for Baby Prawns and Avocado Salad

There are rusty caravans, low windowless homes and no charming restaurant in sight on the way home, but the fish shop with baby prawns is only a walk away and so I try to focus on what Forster has to offer: my family, beaches, sea food and a challenge to live in the moment .

RICETTA: Baby Prawns and Avocado Salad

Peal baby prawns…with lots of patience.

Heat some olive oil in a fry pan, 

add a clove of garlic and then the prawns, cook for 2 minutes.

Add prawns to cut up avocado, squeeze some lemon and eat!

Baby Prawns and Avocado Salad

Baby Prawns and Avocado Salad