Another year...

Another year has passed for me and another birthday has come and gone.

I’ve had proud moments as I’ve achieved the goals I set out to accomplish, energetic times of creation and building, exciting sweet occasions were I witnessed my children find their way into new adventures, learn new words, grow into bigger cloths and (sometimes) play with each other. I have loved, I have laughed but other times, okay many times I have lost my patience, the plot and all site of sanity and positivity both with my family and myself. I have been exhausted annoying, drab and unhappy. I’d usually choose to ignore & repress what I don’t like about myself, pack it up and through it in to a dark hole on the edge of the universe were I cant see it but this year I have chosen to own it all & stick by all those bits of me that show no sign of resignation! So thank you to my energy, my moodiness, my calm and my anxiety, my silliness my constant need to plan and control, to talk to anyone and everything at all times including myself and to my need to run even when I have time to walk. Thank you to all the bits, the gristle, that has been simmering away, gaining flavour, spice and depth and in the end make up the recipe of  ME, Annalisa.

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