Another Day to be thankful with Italian Cornetti

Just another day, a bit of whinging from Coco because she doesn’t like the fact I have to brush her hair “ Why? Why Mum? You’re poisoning my hair!”

Italian Cornetti recipe

Another day of rushing to find two of the same shoes and changing dirty nappies as we’re trying to exit the house. Another day of lovely long hugs, full sloppy kisses, smiles, book reading and learning.  Another day where we’re free to worry about what we’d like for dinner, what we may enjoy for afternoon tea and what we may try and make tomorrow. It’s another one of those days I could let go of unnoticed but I’m stopping, I’m counting today as a day free of war, hate, sickness and tragedy. A day some can only dream of, the kind my nonna Romelia always wished for me to have… This is a day to think of my fortune and make Cornetti al cioccolato just because we can…

Learn how to make Cornetti al cioccolato at AFerrari Kitchen cooking classes
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