My children are coming along to Italy with me and while I'm at work they'll be attending Italian school with the sun’s and daughters of my childhood friends, a dream come true and with their expertise we'll put together the most amazing cultural and food tour for children and families that will go on sale for April 2016. 

Kids on an a.ferrari kitchen Florence food tour enjoying food.

The trip for families will focus on offering great experiences for parents and their children to share and in addition fantastic activities for kids to be involved in while their parents are relaxing or doing other things.
Children will be able to participate in special cooking classes, olive picking, truffle hunting, gelato tastings and will spend time with Italian children having picnics on working farms and Vineyards.
There will also be an historical aspect to the trip where children will have their own tour guide take them to small museums and explain what life was like for children in the Renaissance. Kids will have the opportunity to visit a Medieval home: its kitchen, bedrooms, they will see the palaces where parties were held, the jewels that where worn and the china used for the most fabulous and lavish Renaissance parties. They will get an idea of what war was like and how the city of Florence protected itself from invasion and how they celebrated victories.
Parents will have the opportunity of sharing some of these experiences with their children but also have the chance to leave them in an engaging, educational environment while they are off to the Gucci and Prada outlets, or exploring more demanding museums, cooking classes or wine tastings on their own. If you would like some more information, please email me today annalisa@aferrarikitchen.com