Private Chef

(Only for Sydney's Northern Beaches - minimum 3 meals a week for a minimum of 2 people)

If you are looking for someone to cook your family nutritious delicious dinner every night or a few nights a week simply call for a free consultation and we can put together a menu that makes your family happy.  In addition to our classic dishes we can cater to vegetarians, paleo fanatics, vegans and gluten free individuals.

Here is a list of possible dishes we can freshly prepare and provide.

•    Pasta al pomodoro Freshly made tomato sauce pasta with a salad and bread.
•    Pasta with fresh Pesto salad and bread.
•    Pasta with broccoli pesto salad and bread.
•    Pasta al ragu' (spag Bolognese) with a salad and fresh bread.
•    Potato gnocchi with tomato sauce and a salad or vegetables
•    Freshly made lasagna with a salad
•    Vegetarian Freshly made lasagna with a salad
•    Pesto Freshly made lasagna with a salad
•    Slow cooked Spezzatino (beef stew cooked for 5 hoursin freshly made stock, vegetables and potatoes)
•    Slow cooked chicken stewand vegetables with soft yellow skinned potatoes
•    Milanese (Italian style schnitzels) with a tomato salad and roasted potatoes
•    Freshly made spinach and ricotta pie with a salad (one of my kid’s favorite)
•    Fresh home made pizza sand focaccias topped with different deliciousness.
•    Tasty lamb ribs with a potato gratin to go with it (baked thinly sliced potatoes cooked in cream, milk and parmigiano)
•    Arancini made with vegetarian rice and mozzarella, a salad and some dips
•    Pumpkin soup with freshly made bread
•    Eggplant parmigiana and freshlymade bread
•    Brazilian Fish Moqueca with thinly sliced capsicum, coconut milk and tomato.
•    Falafels with freshly made pita, dips and salads
•    Chicken breast cooked in lemon and yoghurt, topped with fresh parlsey and served with bread and salad.
•    Desserts also available at an extra charge