Canapé Menu


•    Spoon of Annalisa eggplant parmigiana(v) (GF)
•    Polenta and wild mushroom
•    Goat chese and beetroot tartlette
•    Spinach pie with ricotta and lemon
•    Leek fonduta with scallops and lemon butter on blini
•    Olive ascolane (stuffed and fried olives)


•    Smoked salmon, caper and lemon blini
•    Vodka Graveldox (or any smoked fish) with celeriac and crispy Parmigiano crumbs
•    Olive tapenade on crostini (v)
•    Mozzarella and cherry tomato skewer (v)
•    Hummus with capponata tartlet (mixed roasted vegetables) (v)
•    Spoon of fresh orecchiette withlemon and basil pesto(v)
•    Tuna sesame bites with capponata

Mini salads:

•    Mini caprese salad (tomato and Mozzarella)
•    Mini Nicosiasalad (gorgonzola biscuit)

Schiacciata ( signature focaccia breads with dips)

•    Eggplant caviarwith schiacciata or fresh tortilla
•    Pesto Hummus with schiacciata fresh tor
•    Olive tapenade with schiacciata
•    Beetroot and goat cheese with schiacciata
•    Peperonata with schiacciata

Gourmet sandwiches: (all available with gluten free bread at an extra charge)

•    Tuna caper and ricotta mousse sandwich
•    Mini caprese salad (tomato and Mozzarella)
•    Mini Nicosiasalad (gorgonzola biscuit)

For the table:

•    Bruschetta pomodori e oregano(v)
•    Bruschetta with basil pesto (v)
•    Schiacciata /focaccia with different toppings (v)
•    Eggplant parmigiana (v) (GF)
•    Antipasto plater (v)
•    Mediterranean couscous with slow cooked vegetables