Mobile Cooking Classes in Sydney.

New York City loved this concept on my January cooking tour and so may you!
If you love the idea of a culinary experience but you can’t come to the a.ferrarikitchen, I offer a mobile cooking class service. I pack my a.ferrarikitchen mobile with the best olive oil, salt, vegetables; fresh ingredients and I can come to you anyplace in Sydney. All you need to do is get a group of 5 or more together, book by emailing or calling me and I will take care of the rest, see you soon with these fun filled mobile cooking classes in Sydney!


Mobile cooking class FAQ

How long before the cooking class do you need to be in my home/apartment and how does the event work?

I will need about 1 hour and half to get organized before your friends arrive and perhaps ten minutes of your time showing me where the pots and pans are and how your oven and stove operate. Besides that I will organize everything, perform the cooking class, entertain and clean everything up for you.  On the day you can choose to do tastings as we have the class or I can do the class with a couple of tastings as we go and then I can set up a dinner party for you and your friends at the end of it, both are fun!

Your cooking class was unbelievable!
— Alex Plasas, NYC