Kids Cooking Classes in Sydney


This class is on the first Sunday of the month and anyone can join (depending on availability)

This cooking class is for ages 5 and up, with or without adult

$85 per person. 10 am-11:30 am you and you can book here

 This is not just a kids cooking class, this is an opportunity to connect, to share a culinary experience with your sons, daughters, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. This is a unique, boutique occasion that enables children and parents to communicate through food, connect with one and other, learn together and nourish each other. This is the essence of the art of eating; this is exactly what Italy is about, this is what I am about. 

Kids PRIVATE BIRTHDAY PARTY CLASS minimum 5 children

Option 1 $50 p. child (1 hour class) We make Pizza and a dessert followed by a lovely lunch This class is offerend by appointment on:

Fridays pm 3:45 to pm4:45, Saturdays am10:30 to am11:30, Sundays am10:30-11:30/12pm-1pm

Option 2 $85p. (1hour and 45 minutes) We cook A classic Italin Lunch: Antipasti, fresh pasta or gnocchi, a main a side and a dessert followed by a lovely lunch. This class is offerend by appointment on:

Fridays 3:45 to 5:15pm, Saturdays 10am to11:45am, Sundays 10:30 to 12:15pm


KIDS School Holiday Classes

From 10am-12pm.

See Calendar below for upcoming dates. 

$65 per person (come with or without your parent)


-Book your own kids cooking party. (minimum 5 children, $65 per person)

-Great for birthday parties of all ages.

-Great for young teens who want to learn how to cook.


What's included:

2 hour experience

50 minute cooking class (3-4 recipes)

Followed by a lovely lunch/afternoon tea.

You will be able to download all recipes from our website.


Why come to an kids class?

This is a fun, safe environment to learn something healthy and new, to gain confidence and knowledge in the kitchen and in life for children. This is a great venue for a special birthday party, some quality time with your kids, a way to nourish your child’s passion for the kitchen or to help them familiarize with cooking and perhaps spark a new interest.

How long is the cooking class?

It's about 2 hours, starts at 10am and includes morning tea and a lunch feast.

When are the kids cooking classes?

Classes are held on selected days during the school holidays (please check out calendar) and on every first Sunday of the month and by special request by appointment (minimum 4 children per group). Click here to book a class.

What if I cant be there with my child but he/she really wants to come to the cooking class?

Your child is absolutely welcome on his/her own if you are unable to stay, no problem at all, just let me know in advance and come pick them up at the end.

What if my child has dietary allergies?

We understand that allergies can be a problem and we will do our best to work with them, there are some gluten free options in all of our menus, as far as nut allergy and others please let us know. (Fill in the form we will send you after you sign up) and we can discuss the best way forward.

Will my child learn to cook?

All children who attend come away with some knowledge and confidence that they can cook something and with an ongoing relationship with you in the kitchen, if you are lucky they will be making you dinner before you know it!

I really love this cooking class concept but I can’t come to your kitchen - can you come to mine?

Absolutely! As long as you have a group of 5 children I can pack up my kitchen mobile, the ingredients, and come to you.

I had the best time! Now I can cook for you Mum.
— Charlotte, 7 years

Italian cooking Classes for kids in Sydney's northern beaches