Culinary Tours Frequently Asked Questions.

How many people will be on the tour?

This tour is a boutique, intimate experience. A minimum of 5 people BUT no more the 12 will ever be on the women’s only tour.

How much walking on the tour?

If you don’t want to walk much you don’t need to, there is a moderate amount of walking from venue to venue, on average you will need to be able to walk 1 mile per day or less total and not all at once.

How can I get some additional exercise?

There is plenty of free time to walk around town or even walk back to the villa from town if you choose. For an additional cost tennis courts with or without instructor can be arranged and a professional in house yoga instructor is also available to come up to the villa daily.

How many bedrooms are in the villa?

The villa has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, all of them are different in size and appearance this is the charm of a XVth century dwelling. The Villa has been recently renovated and the rooms are assigned on a first come first serve basis.  For more reference go to the villa website.

Do I get my own room?

If you are joining an existing group you will definitely get your own room at no extra charge! If more then 5 people join the group then the other villa on the property will also be rented and will be at your disposition. If you are booking out the villa for a bespoke friends or family holiday and want more then 5 people to come on your trip then rooms will become double occupancy.

Do we have free time some of the nights?

Absolutely! 3 nights are all yours to explore town and do as you wish, I will give you a list of restaurants and I am available to make bookings for you at any time and for any place that is available.

Can You Help Us With Flight Arrangements And Hotels?

I can definitelyprovide a list of hotels and restaurants in all major cities in Italy and can speak to the establishment myself if you are having issues booking with them.  

Is the water safe to drink in Florence?

The water in Florence is safe to drink regardless we will provide you with bottled mineral water for the duration of your stay in the villa.

Can children come on the food tour?

Absolutely!  If they are 15 and over they can come to all the activities outlined in the brochure. If they are under 15 year of age some of the experiences on tour may be boring or not suitable for them. In this case for an additional cost we can arrange a professional nanny (with references and a first aid certification) to mind your kids while you enjoy your time out. These issues can be discussed in depth to make sure everyone’s needs are met in the most professional way.

Is there anywhere we can brag about our fabulous experience while on the trip?

For sure! You can email us your pictures and tag me on Facebook and Instagram.

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